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Azusa Police Officers Pursue Subject From Bike Path


On 07/21/2018 at about 9 am, the Azusa Police Department was notified of a subject riding an off-road type motorcycle on the bicycle path along the San Gabriel River. Knowing the path is heavily used during Saturday mornings by walkers, cyclists, and runners, officers immediately responded to the area. Officers did not locate the subject on the path, but they continued to search the surrounding streets. 

As an officer entered a condominium complex near the path, he located the subject sitting on the motorcycle. The subject immediately took off from the officer, and drove through bushes and grass, and onto the roadway, and out of sight of the officer. The officer traveled south on San Gabriel Avenue, and was notified by walkers the direction the subject had gone, which was in the Mirador Housing Community.

Additional officers arrived in the area, and the original officer found the suspect hiding behind a wall, still on the motorcycle. The suspect was waiting for the officer to approach from a different direction, not knowing the officer was slowly approaching behind him. The suspect discovered the officers presence, and fled south on the west sidewalk, and south on San Gabriel Avenue. The subject cut-off the officer by turning left to go into the Crystal Cove Condominium Complex, but as he turned, he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into the roadway.

The subject jumped up, dropped a knife and backpack, and ran into the complex. Although foot pursuits pose an elevated level of danger for police officers, the officer, accompanied by a back-up officer, immediately chased after the suspect. Their primary concern was to ensure the safety of the residents living in the area, as they did not know whether he had any other weapons in his possession.

After traversing behind several condos eastbound towards Ranch Road, the subject ran across the roadway, where he was met by another police officer who was essentially waiting for him. The suspect was safely detained, and subsequently transported to a local hospital for injuries sustained when he crashed his motorcycle.

The investigation is continuing to determine why this suspect fled from the officers. The subject, Ryan James Zorbas (Age 32 of Monrovia), will receive a court date to appear in West Covina Superior Court. The Azusa Police Department would like to express their gratitude to the several people who helped the officers locate the suspect. It is this type of partnership with our community which leads to safer neighborhoods, and stronger relationships.
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