Azusa Police To Enforce Traffic Laws In New Community

Whenever a new community consisting of homes, parks and roadways is developed, there is a process which occurs before the roadways can be accepted by the city engineer in Azusa. Pending this acceptance, the roadways are considered private property. This means there is only a handful of vehicle codes which can be enforced by local law enforcement.

Rosedale Roadways Accepted

On April 20th, the Azusa Police Department received notification that the roadways in the Rosedale community have been accepted by the city's engineer. This means all vehicle codes are enforceable by law enforcement and parking enforcement officers.

Notable Complaints

In working with members of the community, we have learned about the following violations which are typically observed in the Rosedale community. Please take a minute to read these helpful reminders:


Use Sierra Madre To Beat The Traffic?

During the early morning and late afternoon hours, Sierra Madre Avenue, which traverses through the Rosedale Community, is heavily traveled by local motorists. When coming to the intersection of Azusa Veteran's Way and Sierra Madre Avenue, please make sure you come to a complete stop.

Also, please be aware of cyclists who are using the roadway. Due to the width of the lanes in certain portions of Sierra Madre Avenue, and being mindful of the new "3 Feet For Safety Act," passing a cyclist in these areas may unlawful. In other words, if you can not pass a cyclist with a minimum distance of 3 feet between your vehicle and the cyclist, you will need to follow the cyclist until it is safe and legal to pass.


What Is The Speed In Rosedale?

Unless specifically designated with official signs and/or markings specifying otherwise, the speed limit in Rosedale is 25 miles per hour.

We Understand Human Nature and Habits

Since moving into the Rosedale community, many residents may have developed habits which might lead them to travel over the speed limit or not fully stop at the stop signs. Just like anything, it will take some time to get accustomed to the fact that these violations are enforceable now. You may notice more patrol and traffic officers in the Rosedale community in the next few weeks. Our intention is to cause people to think about these laws through a mere presence.