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  1. Randal Ott
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  3. Tuesday, January 07, 2014
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Hello im looking for information regarding joining your department. Im currently in the military and get out in 2015, what would be my process after i get out to join the depart?

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Here is a quick overview of the Azusa Police Department's hiring process, along with a time frame and some suggestions to assist you in the application process. Attached to this response is the job description of police officer from the City of Azusa.

Step 1 - Submit An Application
Attached to this response is a City of Azusa Employment Application. Please download and complete the application. Return the application to Human Resources at 213 E. Foothill Boulevard her in Azusa.

Step 2 - Written Examination
If your application is accepted, you will be invited to complete the written examination. Click here for more information about the California Peace Officers Standards and Training written examination.

Step 3 - Physical Agility Course
Upon passing the written examination, candidates will proceed to the physical agility course. This course includes:

  • 99 Yard obstacle course
  • Scale a 6 foot chain link fence
  • Scale a 6 foot block wall
  • A 165 pound dummy drag
  • 500 yard run

Successful completion of the course is determined by a point scale which will be explained at the examination.

Step 4 - Oral Interview
The candidate shall complete an oral interview, whichis a weighted examination. Admission to the oral interview may be limited to a restricted number of candidates based on written and/or performance.

Step 5 - Administrative Interview
This interview takes place after certification of the eligibility list, and is conducted by the Chief of Police or a duly appointed representative. Failure to pass shall result in removal from the eligibility list.

Step 6 - Background Investigation
The background investigation consists of a review of the candidates personal, criminal, educational, employment and financial information

Step 7 - Psychological Examination
A psychological written and oral examination is completed by the candidate.

Step 8 - Physical Examination
A medical (physical) examination is completed by the candidate.

Once the above steps are completed, a successful candidate may receive a conditional offer of employment by the city. The approval for the hire will be obtained from the city council. Once approved, the candidate will attend a police academy chosen by the police department.

Depending on the academy selected, training can be between 22 and 26 weeks. Upon successful completion of the academy, the candidate will be considered a trainee, and they will enter the Field Training Program.

The Field Training Program consists of 5 phases, with each phase lasting 5 weeks (25 weeks total). During the FTP, the trainee will receive additional training and be required to perform at a level consistent to a regular police officer.

If you are in the military, do not wait to discharge before applying. We recommend applying when you have 4 to 6 months left to serve. This way, by the time you are discharging, you should be completing the hiring process.

Thanks for your interest in becoming an Azusa Police Officer!

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