Specialty Units

From specially trained SWAT officers training to rescue people to ensuring students have peaceful days at school, the officers assigned to the various specialty units of the Azusa Police Department are highly trained.

There are certain assignments, crimes, and incidents which require the expertise of specially trained personnel. Once trained, the officers working these assignments are focused to ensure their mission is effective, and constantly strive to improve the effectiveness of their units.


The Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Team is comprised of officers who have competed and been selected to become members of this highly trained unit. Team members are required to pass a rigorous physical agility test every year, and frequently conduct range training consisting of various scenarios utilizing a multitude of weapons and tactics.

SWAT Team members must successfully pass a California POST certified basic SWAT training course before being allowed to respond to any SWAT calls.

The SWAT Team responds to calls which require special tools, weapons and/or tactics, such as:

  • Barricade or Hostage Situations
  • High-Risk Search or Arrest Warrants
  • High Profile Dignitary Protection Details
  • Emergency Rescue Operations

School Resource Officer

The Azusa Police Department provides a School Resource Officer (SRO) at the Azusa High School during the school year. The duties of the SRO are:

  • Investigate crimes involving students, faculty, and staff
  • Respond and handle critical incidents
  • Investigate and handle truancy violations
  • Participate in SARB meetings
  • Patrol the campus

To contact the SRO, please call (626) 815-3420.

Field Training Officer 

Field Training Officers are responsible for forging the future of the Azusa Police Department. These officers, known as FTO's, train newly hired officers once they have graduated the academy. After attending a special training course which instructs FTO's various teaching and evaluation skills, FTO's are charged with ensuring new officers:

  • Conduct daily operations in a safe and efficient manner
  • Are tactically proficient
  • Enforce laws in a judicial, professional and ethical manner
  • Demonstrate their ability to follow policies, procedures, and laws
  • Respond appropriately to various levels of stress and calls for service
  • Make decisions in the best interest of the community, department, victims, witnesses, and suspects

Gang Specialist Unit

The Gang Specialist Unit consists of officers and supervisors whose collateral duties include the investigation of gang-related crimes and activities, such as:

  • Graffiti and vandalism
  • Violent crimes
  • Thefts

Homeless Assistance Liaison Officer (HALO) Program

The HALO Program consists of officers, supervisors, city government officials, attorneys, veteran affairs, mental health workers, public works, business and property owners, homeless outreach groups, code enforcement, and community resource specialists whose mission is to:

  • Address homeless issues throughout the city
  • Provide resources and work with other homeless service providers
  • Take enforcement action when needed
  • Connect individuals, families, and veterans who are homeless, with resources, housing, mental health services, and other types of assistance

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