Support Services

Our mission could not be completed without the assistance of various sections within the department.

These are the individuals working assignments within the department who are seldom known about by the public. They ensure "all the details" are completed in regards to investigations and services.

Records Bureau

The records bureau is responsible for maintaining, processing and retaining numerous police department documents and files.

Record Specialists are assigned to the records bureau. They provide specialized clerical support to the public and department personnel, in person and by phone. With the many complex record requests received, the records specialists must be well versed in the Public Records Act, as well as department policies and procedures.

The records specialists are also responsible for preparing documents for court filings and entering numerous data into various specialized computer databases. The data entry made into these systems consists of data from crime reports, arrest reports, restraining orders, traffic collision reports, citations and field interviews cards.

In addition to all of the above, the records specialists perform professionally, using their expertise and experience to assist in tracking felons and maintaining criminal statistics.

Computer Services

With the many complex database systems and various amounts and types of software used by a law enforcement agency, the Azusa Police Department is fortunate to have highly skilled IT personnel working to ensure all systems are functional and current.

Community Service Officers

Our Community Service Officers assist officers on complex investigations and traffic collisions. They respond to non-hazardous calls for service such as petty theft investigations, recovered stolen vehicles and minor traffic collisions. Additionally, these officers provide traffic control and scene management at all times of incidents, thus allowing police officers and detectives to handle the more complex parts of investigations.

CSO's are also responsible for enforcing parking regulations and they work closely with the City of Azusa Code Enforcement to improve the community.

Property And Evidence

The amount of collected property and evidence requires the department to have an Evidence Technician on staff. The technician is responsible for the safe storage of property and evidence, as well as the processing of certain types of evidence. Items such as narcotics, sexual assault kits, and fingerprints are prepared by the technician for processing at various crime labs.

The technician is also responsible for ensuring lost and found property or property retained by the department is eventually returned to the rightful owners.

The technician also responds to major crime scenes and traffic collisions to process the scene for evidence. This includes taking photographs and identification, removal and storage of evidence as well.

Emergency Services Coordinator 

The Emergency Services Coordinator manages the Azusa Office of Emergency Management. Should an emergency arise, the Emergency Operations Center will be activated to respond accordingly to the magnitude of the emergency. For more information, please visit Emergency Services | Azusa, CA - Official Website

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