Vehicle Impounds

The Azusa Police Department impounds and stores vehicles when necessary. Many times, this is due to vehicles being driven illegally, recovered stolen vehicles, or vehicles involved in traffic collisions.

Please find answers to our most popular questions below. Keep in mind, if your vehicle was towed by a business, property owner or private person, you will need to contact the towing company responsible for removing your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to popular questions below. If you don't see your question, ask it in our forum.

Is There A Fee If My Vehicle Was Stored By The Police Department?

If the police department stored your vehicle for you, there are no department fees.  However, you may be required to pay certain towing and storage fees by the towing company.

I Want To Contest My Vehicle Being Impounded. How Do I Do That?

If your vehicle was towed by the Azusa Police Department, you may contest the towing within 10 days of the date your vehicle was towed.  We will conduct a hearing within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), and notify you of the results.

How Do I Get My Vehicle Out Of Impound?

You must come to the police department with a valid driver's license. Once we have verified the registration for the vehicle is current and you are the registered owner, you will be required to pay a $175 fee.  If you were arrested for a DUI, the fee is $400.00. Please keep in mind that if paying with a credit card, there is a 2% service fee.

We will give you release paperwork, which you can take to the towing company who is holding your vehicle. 

You will also need to pay any towing and storage fees at the towing company.

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